5 Tips To Keep Your Horsebox Insurance Down

horsebox insuranceOne common mistake that horse owners tend to make is to allow their horsebox insurance to lapse as soon as the showjumping and eventing season is over or once the winter seasons begins. However, not using your horsebox for an extended period of time is not reason enough to let your insurance run out.

It is not a farfetched idea that your horsebox could get stolen, and without insurance, you would be in a fix as to how to have it replaced.

Therefore, a better option would to keep your horsebox insurance as low as possible so that you are able to keep up with your payments even when you are not using the horsebox. Here’s how:

Fit Immobilizers

As the word suggests, immobilizers for your horsebox simple ensure that when it is not in use, it cannot easily be moved about without a considerable amount of effort. Better yet, fit in immobilizers and alarms to make it difficult for a thief to steal.

As with car insurance, the presence of immobilizers and alarms will ultimately translate into lower insurance premiums, and afford you more peace of mind.

Store It in a Secure Place

This principle is again borrowed from the world of car insurance. It is a well known fact that if you park your car in a garage the cost of your insurance premium reduces. The same applies to horseboxes.

Therefore, to keep your payments down, store the horsebox in an area with lockable gates, or a lockable barn. Some have gone a step further and installed CCTV in a bid to deter theft, and consequently lower their premiums.

Get the Right Type of Horse Box Insurance

Before acquiring horse box insurance, it is important that you understand your exact requirements. This way you are better placed to take out an insurance policy and package that covers your needs.… Continue Reading

How to Stop Teeth Grinding

teeth-grinding-mouthguardDo you have worn out teeth, headaches in the morning, pains in the jaw and cracks on the surface of your teeth? If so, you are probably tired of looking for remedies to stop teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can be a hard condition to control because it occurs when you are asleep. The disorder occurs to adults as well as children.

The pains that you have been experiencing are as a result of you grinding your teeth.  You may be wondering how teeth grinding occurs. Generally,  the disorder occurs due to suppressed anger, stress and aggressiveness mostly.

The above are just but a few reasons why you grind teeth at night. By grinding , you are either expressing the anger in you or are simply letting out the anxiety you have been holding.

Causes of Teeth Grinding

Stress is the major cause of grinding teeth at night. The way people are leading their lives may be full of disappointment, frustration and rejection. Stress can accumulate and be manifested through grinding teeth during sleep. You may not know that stress plays such a huge role in determining whether you grind  and ultimately wearing out your teeth.

People normally stress as a cause of grinding and blame it on other people. However, studies have shown that stress can cause you to lose sleep at night and make you a habitual grinder. Stress facilitates grinding. It has many ways to shown and teeth grinding is one of them.

There many ways you can beat stress and avoid grinding teeth at night. For example, stress can be overcome through excising daily. Exercises help you to step out from your busy routine and relax your muscles. The body responds well and lets off the stress that you have acquired during the day. When the body is fully engaged,  it becomes easier to stop teeth grinding.… Continue Reading

Starting to Date After Divorce

over 35 datingA few months ago, we discussed  the issue of dating after a divorce. We also outlined what you can do to get back in the dating game after undergoing a divorce.

In this article, we provide three more tips you can follow to improve your prospects of finding love after divorce. Read on.

Socialize at local events

Check events that you like that are happening near your area and engage in activities that interest you. Have fun in your search for that special someone. Do not take up an activity that you have no interest in just because you want to meet a mate. Along the same note, do not show that you are desperate. It is not guaranteed that you will meet someone during these gatherings so you have to be open to any possibility.

For divorced women, the best way to go is perhaps having lunch at restaurants where doctors, lawyers and most over 40s males frequent. Visit any place or attend an event that men or women in your age group.

Actively pursue your ideal partner

Pursue what you want and take necessary steps to get it. If you want a doctor, make frequent visits to a hospital not because you are sick but because you are going to the hospital’s cafeteria. Do whatever is necessary to get the partner you want.

Do not sit at home and wait; get out and do something. Go out and meet both men and women instead of locking yourself up in thoughts. You never know, a lady friend could introduce you to a man and you end up dating. The best places to meet responsible men in their 40s are bookstores, coffee shops, AA meetings, art fairs, health food stores, work functions, charity benefits among others.

Be comfortable with your body

Do not base your decision on some set preconditions which are related to physical looks and characteristics.… Continue Reading

How to Meet Men (and Women) after a Divorce


Are you past your early 30s and divorced? Are you wondering if it is possible to date again or find love? Perhaps you are thinking, “Who would even want to date a divorcee?” You may have many questions ringing in your mind. However, I can tell you for sure that all these questions have positive answers.

Over 35 Dating after Divorce- Is it Possible?

Yes, it is possible for over 35s to date again. There are some people who do not mind that you are divorced and are looking for confident and mature individuals like you. The thoughts of not being able to have a relationship because you are over 30 are just in your mind and far from reality on ground. Do not be so closed to your thoughts to the extent that you end up thinking it is how it is supposed to be.

Love knows no age limits nor marital status.

There are divorced men and women looking to date again, why not give them a chance? There are also unmarried men and women who prefer dating divorcees. So, get real and let nature take its course. If you are over 35, divorced or not, here are tips to help you meet, attract and retain great partners:

Network, Network, Network

Do your fair share of what is required to meet a man (or woman). Be proactive and ask yourself whether you have done enough. Network as much as possible and attend social gatherings with age mates in your area. You should also check over 35s online dating sites, submit a wonderful descriptive profile of yourself and start contacting members that you are interested in.

Some of the reputable dating sites you can check include Be2, FindMeLove, DateFirst, JustHookUp and others. Seriously, you cannot say you have searched everywhere and have failed to find a date partner.… Continue Reading

Men’s Musings: Why Not Send Flowers

sending-flowersSending flowers is a common activity during courtship or dating. You can send flowers to express your feelings to the woman you love or make a statement.

Depending on where your relationship is, you may or may not feel sending flowers is beneficial. For the most part, you can improve your relationship through the gesture. However, flipping the other side of the coin, some reasons for not sending flowers are understandable. For instance:

  • Flowers are popularly known to be sent by secret admirers, some of who are a complete opposite of a man a lady considers ideal for herself
  • Some ladies can publicly put you off or turn you down with the flowers. This not only happens to strangers but also to friends of the lady
  • Receiving or sending flowers is in most cases perceived to be the starting point of a romantic relationship ,which is not really the case
  • Flowers cannot work magic for a man. You have to build your confidence and try your best to win over a lady
  • Flowers can add value to a girl’s perception of you but will not add to your possibility of a relationship. You can gain attraction even without the flowers

The whole act of being creative and spontaneous while sending flowers is what makes a pleasant difference. Otherwise, sending flowers can be viewed as the easiest way of getting a girl by shy men. You know, the type that go to the florist at a corner store and buy flowers to send to a lady and wait for a miracle.

Sending flowers is a good way of expressing affection and sometimes love but is it really necessary if it does not elevate your chances of getting attraction. This ongoing debate has left questions in men’s mind whether sending flowers is really seductive to a lady or destructive to a man.… Continue Reading

Rooftop Bars Near League City Apartments

rooftop-barsDo you wish to relax at a rooftop bar away from your League City apartment? There are many restaurants in Houston that can offer you a perfect gateway to forget the hassle and bustle of your college or your workplace.

One of the places you should visit is the Rooftop Bar at the Tremont House in Galveston. This is a modern lounge bar that is located four stories above the street on the roof of the hotel. From the top, you will enjoy a perfect bird’s eye view of Galveston while seated the restaurant’s high table and chairs. Make a point of visiting the bar during the evening and see the amazing transformation of the soft glow illuminated roof.

The bar offers a range of international cuisine include mortadella, Rosette de Lyn salami, green peppercorn salami, Herbes de Provence-crusted dry salami, Italian Spec-smoked prosciutto among others. The ambiance of the place makes its perfect for an evening date with your loved one or even a business meeting.

For more reviews of local restaurants, make sure you follow League City Apartments’ Facebook page. You can also contact the management of the apartments through their website for events and news in the community.