7 Best Online Jewelry Shops

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd with a necklace that no one else has? Do you want to make a statement with a pretty piece from an of-the-moment designer?  If so, you need to know where to look online. Wearing unique jewelry can make it easy for you to meet a partner to date.

Forget eBay and Amazon. These marketplaces are rife with cheap knockoffs for the masses. For unique jewelry stores, you need to dig a little deeper.  In fact, this is the case for anything unique, whether it’s the best toddler beds or construction equipment, you will have to look for them away from Amazon or eBay.

But not to worry, our fashion department has done the work for you. We have rounded up the best online jewelry stores where you are guaranteed to get those special finds.

When you visit a jewelry shop and see a great gem surrounded by hundreds of other dazzling designs, it can be difficult to know which one to pick. However, when you search for the jewelry at online stores, things become easier. At online stores, you can easily compare different jewelry based on your budget and style with a few clicks.

Jewelry Shop

We’ve searched the web for the best jewelry stores that stock unique items. These stores have the best collections and are easy to use. When you visit them, you will find hundreds of unique designs you won’t see everyone else wearing.

Not all of the stores we have chosen operate solely online. Still, we have tried to come up with a list that is guaranteed to cater to all types of shoppers. The shops range from Scandi hipsters to London-based fine jewelry specialists Astley Clarke’s website. We bet that you don’t know of at least a couple of the shops on our list.

Check out some of the collection available from the shops:


evil eye necklace blueWe think Manaculture is difficult to be beat when it comes to their range of jewelry. The new evil eye jewelry especially stands out for its uniqueness and beauty. Combine this with the really functional website, it’s easy to see why we settled on Manaculture.

If you would like to support emerging British talent, the best place to shop is The Individual. The shop has a variety of homegrown, affordable jewelry. Finally, we can’t miss to mention Astley Clarke for its nifty  ring designs.


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