How to Meet Men (and Women) after a Divorce


Are you past your early 30s and divorced? Are you wondering if it is possible to date again or find love? Perhaps you are thinking, “Who would even want to date a divorcee?” You may have many questions ringing in your mind. However, I can tell you for sure that all these questions have positive answers.

Over 35 Dating after Divorce- Is it Possible?

Yes, it is possible for over 35s to date again. There are some people who do not mind that you are divorced and are looking for confident and mature individuals like you. The thoughts of not being able to have a relationship because you are over 30 are just in your mind and far from reality on ground. Do not be so closed to your thoughts to the extent that you end up thinking it is how it is supposed to be.

Love knows no age limits nor marital status.

There are divorced men and women looking to date again, why not give them a chance? There are also single men and women who prefer dating divorcees. So, get real and let nature take its course. If you are over 35, divorced or not, here are tips to help you meet, attract and retain great partners:

Network, Network, Network

Do your fair share of what is required to meet a man (or woman). Be proactive and ask yourself whether you have done enough. Network as much as possible and attend social gatherings with age mates in your area. You should also check over 35s online dating sites, submit a wonderful descriptive profile of yourself and start contacting members that you are interested in.

Some of the reputable dating sites you can check include Be2, FindMeLove, DateFirst, JustHookUp and others. Seriously, you cannot say you have searched everywhere and have failed to find a date partner. There is someone out there for you, don’t let your frustrations take the better of you. Take a look at yourself and evaluate your efforts. Tighten the belt where you think you have not done your best.

Think Positively

Your brain controls everything in your body. There may be many voices within you but the one you believe is the one that is right. Be cautious of what you choose to believe as it will reflect in reality. There is power in positive thinking. If you think and believe that you will get a partner regardless of being divorced, then you will get one.

Do not harbor negative dating thoughts or discouraging opinions and views from your single friends. Moreover, do not believe in failure or disappointments because that is exactly what you will get when you finally meet someone, taking you back to zero. In short, shift your mindset to optimism.

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