How to Find a Loving Relationship Using NLP (Part 1)

nlp for relationshipsAre you single and wondering how you can find a partner? If so, there are a number of steps you can take to improve your prospects of finding a loving partner.

But you just don’t want to find a partner for the sake of it. You want a person who will be in a loving relationship with you. You can achieve this through using the skills of NLP.

The success of using NLP for relationships starts with you. You have to believe that it’s possible to attain a loving relationship. Apart from this, you have to know what to do and be motivated enough to take the necessary steps that will help you find that loving partner.

Below are some basic NLP principles you can use to attain a loving relationship.

1. Believe and Start

To begin, check what you believe. You should believe that it’s possible to end up in a loving relationship. Without believing, you will struggle to find the partner you want. Believing or not believing in something is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, do you believe and are confident that there is a right person for you out there? If so, start believing. This is the first step to success with finding a loving partner.

However, simply believing will not make you meet the partner you desire. After believing, you should be motivated to start looking for the partner. You can start by registering at various online dating sites. The Guardians Soulmate is a good site you can check. Do not be in a rush. Enjoy the journey to finding your compatible soulmate. Join and start checking the profiles of those you think are compatible.

2. Get Clear

You should be clear on the qualities of the person you would like to meet. Start by writing down what you would like the person to have. Check the qualities and try to figure out how you will recognize the (or lack of them) in the person. This is sensory based evidence, which is well explained in NLP products by leading coach Michael Jemery. You can check the products at his site

When you have signed up at the dating sites, take time to fill your profile. This will significantly increase your chances of getting requests from potential partners. Also, uploading photos is recommended. Most people respond to users that have photos on their profiles.

Make you profile attractive to the kind of person you want but unattractive to the rest. Check other profiles on the site to get an idea of how to model your profile. However, do not be too hard on yourself. You can also get a friend to help you with filling the profile.

3. Be Proactive

It’s time to kick off watching TV for an hour and get to finding your soulmate. Dedicate at least an hour everyday on the site to check out  potential partners’ profiles. When you spend time on the site, you will get to know how it works. Check things such as “favorites”, “tagging”, “hearts”, “winks” and so on. You will be excited during the first week, so enjoy it.

People will be sending you messages through your email. Get used to getting and receiving “no’s” elegantly. When you send a message and receive a “no”, learn how others respond well. Keep in mind that every no you get brings you closer to the person you want.

Be active in contacting the people whom you have “favorited”. Focus on the top five most potential mates. The people on this list may keep changing. However, do not forget your criteria. Also, do not get attached easily. Your aim should be to move to phone conversations with these front runners when you are sure about them.

Enjoying the tips so far? Check out our second installment next week of this semi-series on NLP for relationships.

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