How to Stop Teeth Grinding

teeth-grinding-mouthguardDo you have worn out teeth, headaches in the morning, pains in the jaw and cracks on the surface of your teeth? If so, you are probably tired of looking for remedies to stop teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can be a hard condition to control because it occurs when you are asleep. The disorder occurs to adults as well as children. To stop teeth grinding, you will need a mouth guard for teeth grinding. such as a Sleep Right Dental Guard, Plackers No More Grind guard or another type of dental guard.

The pains that you have been experiencing are as a result of you grinding your teeth.  You may be wondering how teeth grinding occurs. Generally,  the disorder occurs due to suppressed anger, stress and aggressiveness mostly.

The above are just but a few reasons why you grind teeth at night. By grinding , you are either expressing the anger in you or are simply letting out the anxiety you have been holding.

Causes of Teeth Grinding

Stress is the major cause of grinding teeth at night. The way people are leading their lives may be full of disappointment, frustration and rejection. Stress can accumulate and be manifested through grinding teeth during sleep. You may not know that stress plays such a huge role in determining whether you grind  and ultimately wearing out your teeth.

People normally stress as a cause of grinding and blame it on other people. However, studies have shown that stress can cause you to lose sleep at night and make you a habitual grinder. Stress facilitates grinding. It has many ways to shown and teeth grinding is one of them.

There many ways you can beat stress and avoid grinding teeth at night. For example, stress can be overcome through excising daily. Exercises help you to step out from your busy routine and relax your muscles. The body responds well and lets off the stress that you have acquired during the day. When the body is fully engaged,  it becomes easier to stop teeth grinding.

You can seek advice from a professional on stress. A TMJ dentist can advise you on the best methods to stop teeth grinding. The dentist can do further tests to determine other cases that are causing you to grind your teeth at night. If you have misaligned teeth, the dentist can take corrective measures to treat your teeth. He will also train you on how to position your jaw when you are sleeping to stop grinding.

When you notice symptoms of teeth grinding,  seek advice from a dentist. Also, keep away from foods containing caffeine as they stimulate the nerve to start teeth grinding. If you have swollen sores and jaws, you can use home made remedies such as using warm water to massage your cheeks.

The above treatment can stop teeth grinding in a few weeks. For more information about teeth grinding, visit

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