Men’s Musings: Why Not Send Flowers

sending-flowersSending flowers is a common activity during courtship or dating. You can send flowers to express your feelings to the woman you love or make a statement.

Depending on where your relationship is, you may or may not feel sending flowers is beneficial. For the most part, you can improve your relationship through the gesture. However, flipping the other side of the coin, some reasons for not sending flowers are understandable. For instance:

  • Flowers are popularly known to be sent by secret admirers, some of who are a complete opposite of a man a lady considers ideal for herself
  • Some ladies can publicly put you off or turn you down with the flowers. This not only happens to strangers but also to friends of the lady
  • Receiving or sending flowers is in most cases perceived to be the starting point of a romantic relationship, which is not really the case
  • Flowers cannot work magic for a man. You have to build your confidence and try your best to win over a lady
  • Flowers can add value to a girl’s perception of you but will not add to your possibility of a relationship. You can gain attraction even without the flowers

The whole act of being creative and spontaneous while sending flowers is what makes a pleasant difference. That is apart from sending love quotes for her either on a card or through your phone. Otherwise, sending flowers can be viewed as the easiest way of getting a girl by shy men.  You know, the type that go to the florist at a corner store and buy flowers to send to a lady and wait for a miracle.

Sending flowers is a good way of expressing affection and sometimes love but is it really necessary if it does not elevate your chances of getting attraction. This ongoing debate has left questions in men’s mind whether sending flowers is really seductive to a lady or destructive to a man.


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